Among Us Logic: Fat Imposter


Veteran is locked in a vent and crying for help at the start of the episode. He describes how he got there in the first place while off-camera. Then it cuts to Gnome and Engineer fleeing as Player tries to kill one of them in order to win. Engineer led them in the right direction, but they were both locked in Ventilation. To prevent Player from escaping, Gnome shut the door to gain some time while Engineer performs some “quick calculations” to figure out a way out. Engineer utilized a grappling hook to pull himself and Gnome to the other side just as Player finally unlocked the door after multiple attempts.

As Player was plummeting in mid-air, he muttered about how he had lost yet again due to a cheat. He suddenly saw himself cushioned in the front seat of Veteran’s flying coverless automobile. Mr. Cheese’s freshly opened restaurant is revealed in the next scene. BDay and Rose were sitting in a separate automobile behind Veteran’s car, likewise falling in line. Player revealed why he’s upset, telling Veteran that they have to deal with some form of system modification every week. Veteran was ordering a lunch from Mr. Cheese’s restaurant, Cheese Louise, when Mr. Cheese noticed Player was sick and advised him to buy his food so he could get better, but he refused because he is lactose intolerant. Mr. Cheese now proudly displays Cheddar, his executive chef, to both of his friends. Veteran decided to return to the Airship to play another bout now that he was feeling better.

Player and Veteran spawn in the Cargo Bay in the next game. Veteran is accused by a player of downloading another mod. Veteran assassinates him in the middle of his lecture and tries to vent to the Kitchen, but he is trapped. PoopyFarts arrives to assist Veteran, but when he finds Player’s body, he attempts to report it to the authorities. Mr. Cheese defeats PoopyFarts and assists Veteran in navigating the vent.

When Veteran enters the kitchen, he notices Mr. Egg planning to open his own restaurant to compete with Cheese Louise. When Veteran hears him, he rushes over to try some of Mr. Egg’s burgers. After that, he threatens to kill Mr. Egg and pursues him slowly, delayed by the amount of burgers he just consumed. The body of the player is reported by the gnome.

Gnome claims she discovered PoopyFarts and Player’s bodies and shrieked when she realized Engineer was also dead “It’s Engie! Nooooo!” Mr. Egg accuses Veteran of being a fake, and Veteran responds by pepper-grinding him. Mr. Cheese accuses Captain of being to fault, and Veteran agrees, claiming that as captain of the Airship, he is responsible for all that occurs (as he smears butter on Mr. Egg). Veteran is blamed by Gnome, but Captain claims that Veteran was simply bragging about how awesome and important he is. The Captain, according to the veteran, is also responsible for any killings that occur on the Airship (as he cooks Mr. Egg). Captain agrees and, much to Gnome’s chagrin, votes himself out. The player claims it was the most typical game they’d played in a long time.


  • Player
  • Veteran (Impostor)
  • Mr. Cheese (Impostor)
  • Captain
  • Gnome
  • Mr. Egg
  • PoopyFarts96
  • Engineer
  • TheGentleman (avatar/icon only)
  • Cheddar (cameo)
  • B-Day (cameo)
  • Rose (cameo)


Mr. Cheese claims in the emergency meeting that the sentence “Ah cheese here we go again” is a homage to the famous line “ah shrimp here we go again” from GTA San Andreas.
Unlike previous episodes, this is the first episode in which Player is killed first and not last.
Veteran is the character who gets a mouth for the second time. Captain was the first.
“What the?” said Player after a while. The sky cars are playing a symphony of honking.


The bodies of Player and Poopyfarts96, according to Gnome, were found in the Engine Room. This is incorrect, as they both died at Cargo Bay.
Veteran also clicks on Engine Room and spawns in Cargo Bay.

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