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Fat Impostor MOD for Among Us is a new MOD that allows all players to access a new game mode with new skills. By installing this MOD, you will gain access to one of the best game modes ever produced for Among Us, since all players will be able to enjoy the new mechanics at the same time.

Fat Impostor MOD

In Among Us, what does Fat Impostor Role MOD add?

All players will have a new food system in the new game style, which will be utilized to activate different skills. Different meals will spawn on the map at random, and players will have to eat them in order to grow in size and calories. You’ll be able to apply different talents with those calories, which will burn up your energy and help you lose weight, but you’ll have to be careful how you use them.

This MOD includes the following new skills:

Fart Boost: a modest acceleration in one direction.

Sit: Lie down on top of another player for a few seconds, immobile.
Eat: solely for the pretender.
Burp: you’ve moved to a new location on the map.
Ball: you’ve just won a large sum of money.
Ball: you’ve just won a large sum of money.
By morphing into a ball, you acquire a lot of movement.
Snore snores and sleeps in a ball.
Snore: you put everyone in your immediate vicinity to sleep.
Snore: you put everyone in your immediate vicinity to sleep.

All of the skills are useful and entertaining, but my personal favorite is the “Ball” skill, which substantially boosts our mobility. This may appear stupid, but because we have more mobility than others, we can get more food, thus we should always use this talent first to gain an advantage over other players. For both crew members and impostors, the game’s ultimate goal is the same.
For Among Us, get the Fat Impostor Role MOD.

We don’t have access to this MOD because it hasn’t been officially released for download. You can, however, download Town Of Us and play with your buddies while having access to over 20 roles in a single MOD.

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