Chess has become a fun action shooter game.

Chess has become a fun action shooter game.

Chess has long been a game of strategists, intellectuals, and savvy people who want to challenge their brains. Now that’s all changed thanks to the ingenious work of one developer, Benjamin Soule, to create a chess game with twists and turns. The chess pieces can shoot each other. Turn the game into chaotic fun.

We have violent chess and more in Cool WIP, Polygon’s weekly eye-catching clips and screenshots of work in progress. each week Polygon staff will search the Internet for the most interesting games that are still under construction. So you can preview the hottest projects.

This week we have a cat who wants to sell a house in the middle of this century, a fake gacha game, a new slime. and the horrifying scenery

Chess has turned into blood and violence.

Benjamin Soule from Delicious Punkcake Posted a “Chess Chess” clip for Ludum Dare 50, the jam game where developers built the game from start to finish over the weekend. The theme of this jam is “Delay the inevitable,” and Soule has radically reinvented chess. game clip It depicts a gun-wielding king fragment that blasts opponents with bullets. (I never knew before But the chess pieces are bleeding) You can play the game for free right now. And check out more works like this on the Punkcake Délicieux website and page.

This Furry Friend Just Wants to Sell You a Mid-Century Home

YouTuber and streamer Coopertom built an entire neighborhood inspired by 1970s architecture in VRChat. in the clip, my furry friend took us on a tour of the property and disguised himself as a real estate broker. “This house comes with a shaggy orange rug on the wall,” Coopertom said on the tour. “Now it might look good. but believe me It can get really obnoxious really quickly.” It’s a bit of a fuss, and you can check out more of Coopertom’s work at twitter account.

This gacha game is not real. But the developer’s work is awesome.

Developer Dmaw tweeted an April Fool’s Day joke that they were making an NFT gacha game and shared a clip about the 3D character panel. But it draws a lot of attention to the performance of the characters they create. The clip shows the features in action. and when the screen is tilted You’ll see characters like the pigeon in different angles. Dmaw works on vivid cartoon games and you can see more of their work. on their Twitter account and at the developer Big Brane Studios.

thin clay slime

Now we’re out of the frog. Slimes are the new big thing. Here developer Rafael Martín tease their fantasies From the roar of the slime for the work in progress. Tiny clay-like creatures get along well with miniature environments. All in all, it looks like it’s an amazing game and is reminiscent of titles like the 2019 remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening or even the latest Tunic. If interested, you can check out more of Martin’s work. on twitter.

One of the most exciting developers

I could always see a clip of Spencer Yan when someone walked past my feed. If you’re unfamiliar, Yan has made the most visually reminiscent of the game using a Two-tone, highly detailed, pixel style.. This style gives their work a trance-like quality that gives you a dreamlike feel that you can’t fully remember. This clip shows the beautiful views of the sunset and distant mountains. Yan posts regular updates. So be sure to look further. their work on Twitter..

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