Genshin Impact Daily Commissions Shouldn’t Be Locked Behind RNG

Genshin Impact Daily Commissions Shouldn't Be Locked Behind RNG

Genshin Impact Being a gacha game, the powerful characters and weapons locked behind the RNG makes sense. The Wish system also uses a pathetic mechanism that guarantees at least one 5-star item or character after a certain amount of pull. However, the gacha game It doesn’t excuse everything from RNG-based, grinding objects, spinning objects, and heavenly materials shouldn’t be out of luck. But all should be based on integrity. Hard work and determination should be rewarded. daily commission in Genshin Impact It’s a prime example of something based on RNG that doesn’t really make sense.

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Genshin ImpactThe problem at the end of the game is the lack of content. An active player base depends on new things to do. Completing commissions will give you great rewards with little effort. Some of the most straightforward daily commissions can award the same amount as more complex ones. It’s one of the best ways to level up your Adventure Rank and one of the best ways to increase your Friendship level. 60 guaranteed primo gems will be awarded after completing 4 commissions and given to Catherine at the Adventurer’s Guild.

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daily commission in Genshin Impact It’s a great feature. But if someone plays every day They are repetitive and boring. Long conversations can be skipped and are easiest. Genshin Impact Daily commissions can feel like a chore. If the current party does not have the required elements Someone had to change the party list. which is especially annoying to monsters targeting them. What’s worse is when some lines don’t match the current state of where the player is in the game.

Genchin’s Importance Affects Daily Commissions

Many game achievements depend on certain commissions. What’s worse is that when those commissions take a lot of time to complete. Not only did the players have to remember the choices they had made. But also remember to complete the rest of the options. This means that the commission must be shown at least 3 times and with ridiculously low drop rates. Even those who have been playing since the beginning won’t even see this commission. In addition, some hidden Genshin Impact Achievements can only be earned through commissions. It doesn’t have to be about Primogems being awarded for getting achievements. although very good But it’s more of making the whole thing complete. Getting another business card felt extremely satisfying.

An example would be the success “Snezhnaya does not believe in tears: Series I”. There are only two achievement awards under this category. But players need to complete the relevant commission 3 times in order to get this. Genshin Impact Achievement. There are also 3 options. This means that the traveler will have to complete different requests. in other words Each of these requires at least three commissions – and even more if the player makes a mistake.

Another example from Mondstadt is “For the Love of Godwin”. The associated commission is called “Whispers in the Wind” and must be completed 5 times to earn an achievement. astonishing as Genshin Impactis Wagner, a blacksmith, however, to get to know them. Completing daily entries is often the trigger. The “Language Exchange” or “Poetry Exchange” commission is also based on the RNG. Both of these commissions make Hilichurls humane and offer a whole new perspective on why Hilichurls are not enemies, but just species trying to survive and protect their species. them

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Liyue was also a victim of this. All “Stone Harbor’s Nostalgia: Series I” achievements required multiple completions, similar to the “For the Love of Godwin” mentioned earlier. The related commission “Love Is All Around” known as “Good Sign” rarely appears. When that was the case, Zhihua, the NPC who requested this. It asks travelers to look for only 2 or 3 tokens of love, even if success can only be achieved with 5 badges, meaning the commission must ask for 5 badges, not all 5 times. Genshin ImpactThe low gacha draw rate also affects the daily commission. The RNG determines if there is a commission or not, and the RNG re-determines how many “signals” are needed.

In addition, “Pirates! Oops!” The success and the associated commission must be accomplished multiple times with different steps. Many players report that they have exceeded this commission 5 times and have not been successful. Genshin Impact Claims it’s wrong and it has been fixed. More players can now receive special rewards. However, like all mission groups of commissions mentioned earlier, the RNG determines whether it is available or not, and the RNG determines what portion of the commission. steep to do

How can Genshin Impact improve daily commissions?

It’s disappointing when these commissions are based on RNG, even with the new option to set the region for daily commissions. There doesn’t seem to be any increase. Phra Sumen region joking in Genshin Impact 2.6 may still use the same formula It seems that the need to destroy the Hilichurl tower will increase or prevent the Hilichurls from creating bomb barrels. Slightly more special things, such as helping NPCs, have become unrealistic. because after how many times have they received help They act like the travelers are helping them the first time.

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Flora asked travelers to store flowers in the chilling mountains of dragon spines as a cure. and when it fails She admits that there really is no other way except this commission will reappear with the same conversation. Many players skipped the second part and immediately burned her flowers to speed up the process. Mainly because it was boring and to avoid bad weather. Genshin ImpactEllin needs some advice on how to destroy the wooden puppet. And how many times after this? Many people would have thought that she was already a Favonius knight. It can be a challenge for new players. But players after the game just click Elemental Skill or Burst.

Enhancements may have the option for players to choose whether they want an automatically generated commission or a self-selected commission on the job board. The original option will be the default option currently used. Suitable for casual players who want fast commissions. The latter option is to have the traveler go to the event board near the Adventurer’s Guild of the selected region. and choose four commissions there It’s a more interactive experience and allows those commissions to appear.

Genshin Impact Continuously send out player satisfaction surveys such as Genshin Impactcharacter design survey They seem to listen and deal with the concerns of the players. some changes have been made Especially when it comes to buffing characters that aren’t very good. Craft farming and rolling are two of the biggest themes in the game. And most players want a change. It just seems unfair when the same 5-star character deals less damage than someone else’s due to bad luck with artifacts. If Genshin Impact Artifact system can be improved. Then the change may come to the daily commission.

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