Arknights: Mastery Priority Guide – Updated Pinus Sylvestris | Arknights Wiki

Arknights: Mastery Priority Guide - Updated Pinus Sylvestris | Arknights Wiki
near the light pudding red leaf shop Pinecone of her prototype She isn’t necessarily better than Leizi or Passenger, but she showcases the strengths of the Archtype at a much cheaper price point. And it works for a better general purpose. Both skill and proficiency are decent, with S1 better for control and S2 much better for damage. honey berry red leaf shop I’ve said that Mulberry is better before, but that’s something I’ll have to backtrack a bit more. There has been a lot of controversy lately. this when comparing the two And as I wrote in the FAQ above. There is a nuance between them. Like Mulberry, she is a potential M6 candidate. Thanks to the peculiar doctor animation, her S1M3 is able to activate a different attack every third time. Of course, her S2 is a better burst skill, but the effect is less which makes her S2 grade low compared to Mulberry. Wildmen welfare benefit Continuing the line of nice and interesting free units, S2 is her best skill as S1 doesn’t deal enough damage and has better Vanguard skills to send helicopters. S2 stalls really well, but gains that. Granted, it’s quite small. (No forced upgrades) so it might be a low-end luxury if rated at all. Corroserum gacha My opinion of him has dropped as much as my opinion of the flametail increase, his DPS is too low and his channel is too narrow to be bothered by personal needs. Mastery will be a matter of preference here, as there will be no rating. S1 has better damage, but S2 plays his specifics better. (as small as it is) I’ll lean towards S2. Flametail gacha My opinion of Flametail has improved slightly since its initial release. Although she is still an overall mid-tier unit. Her working hours were still painfully short. but her fast cycle time Her high survivability and high damage gave her more long-term persistence power than other pioneers. Her S3 expertise will be quite important for her role. So it tends to become one of the highest rated Pioneer experts. (Since Saga’s S3 expertise isn’t impressive.) However, we’re in the Flagpipe meta and cheap corner cards. which will limit her meta Although she was the most popular predecessor to clear the latest CC, Forward S2 is good enough skill with interesting slots but almost always inferior to S3 and has much worse proficiency. Close to Radiant Knight Gacha Limited Nearl isn’t as “close” to being captured as her predecessors, although she’s still very good. Meta-wise S2 is probably a skill, although S3 is a better general-purpose skill. Both will get a high score, even if it’s not the highest level. Her S1 will also be a good consideration. but may only be left to waifu break the ice Kjera welfare benefit Don’t be fooled by her low base attacks. She joined Click as one of the few low-level rare castors. She does a little better than Click, although it’s hard to say that she’s worth the extra cost. Especially with the low cost of clicks in IS#2. Either way, S2 is the clear expert’s choice. Although the gains received were sensible anemia. Aurora gacha She’s unlikely to be anything special because of her prototype and reliance on other freezers. However, I like her potential as a fun, interesting unit with her ridiculous attack potential and shorter SP. The Eune S2 will most likely be Don’t be fooled by her latest CC look with the S1 (unless you’re aiming for maximum risk), it’s a unique scenario that is unlikely to happen again. gnosis gacha A more DPS-focused version of Suzuran with a shorter cooldown in his control. However, he relies on units that are not immune to Freeze and has relatively poor uptime, which makes Suzuran highly vulnerable to CC. It would be a better choice in story situations and roguelike modes. Both S2 and S3 are key experts for their work. S2 has a very important expertise. Crimson Solitaire chalem welfare benefit He has enough high damage in interesting fields to take into account. However, in the end he is nothing too special which makes him mostly a unit of personal desire. S2 is the best learning option here. Who is the real rerun? nine color deer welfare benefit Her gorgeous art, 9CD isn’t a great unit, Abjurer’s is a very weak type. And she doesn’t have the same meaningful gaps that Quercus has (or even the smaller Tsukinogi). Her core values ​​lie in basic skills that don’t require E2, so she’s not worth raising outside of personal needs. Wine Tasting Invitation Kroos the Keen Glint welfare benefit Alter Kroos is one of the best benefits we’ve ever received. and probably the best in terms of broad applicability. She gives fierce competition to existing AA 5* sniper outfits, especially GreyThroat, although they all have different gaps over her. Personally, I think she is the best choice among them has high DPS, high total damage, built-in crowd control system. and a stealth utility that will remain relevant for the long term. Admittedly, that’s a rather controversial opinion and there’s been a lot of discussion. as well as the other three options. The 6* option’s strength greatly limits her meta. So her core values ​​will be for new players who don’t have better options. S2 is a better skill for general purposes and has better proficiency. But those with meta teams tend to find more value in S1, which has a stronger niche compared to the more rare options. black night gacha Long-awaited more rare stalks And she did not disappoint. She needs more acumen than the slightly more ferocious Beanstalk. But it brings good utility with a very high ceiling as a reward for effort. Both her skills are practical and will be graded, although S2 is a better choice overall. Expertise in this regard is a combination of significantly increased duration. but made a small profit in other parts Lee gacha Lee was one of those units that were really hard to rank. He has a lot of flexibility and utility and can do impressive things. But his prototype will always knock him out of the meta. And his most impressive showcases often go against arguably more simple solutions. Many players will find that he is not worth the effort despite his potential. He is worthy of nurturing and working. Especially if you’re willing to give your brain a boost. But he’s not a “can’t miss” unit either. Both S2 and S3 are good skills. But maybe not as popular. I think S2 is his best expertise. S3 doesn’t need expertise to do what it does. (No upgrades) While proficiency in S2 is quite important to his overall damage deal. That said, although a lot of people love his S3, so the best expertise here largely depends on how you intend to use him. Ling Gacha Limited What will Ling say? can write a whole article about her and will surely be I’ll keep it short here. (For now) Ling was the cornerstone. She was so powerful that most people would no longer think of Ling Clear when talking about it. “Low OP clear record”, she assumed that summoners were for players who The dragon has such high stats that even the worst player can play alone with her for most of the game. But like most pillars She can feel like she uses too many skills unnecessarily after a certain point. S3 is her dominant skill and will be one of the highest priority mastery. S2 will also be rated. Although it has a significantly lower priority than the S3. sparks in the dark Quercus gacha Unlike the other kidnappers, Quercus has a nice and useful slot to charge her S2 SP. It’s still a bit of a gimmick. And it’s often not worth giving up team niches. There’s also the interesting question of whether she should leave her at E1 level 1 and pass on proficiency, which will affect her overall priorities as well. Goldenglow gacha Our long-awaited pink doggo (I know) has finally arrived. and our patience will be rewarded by a very strong wheeler. She isn’t superior to Eyja, especially in the context of CC, but she’s pretty much outclassed Ceobe in all but a few specific situations, her S3 is probably the top priority choice. Since she has no superior targeting priorities in the skill range, the global is a very unique and powerful niche. It deserves a special mention in the context of the upcoming roguelike mode. which is a skill that is immensely valuable and plays well with commonly used relics. However, her S1 is her highest DPS skill, gaining a very valuable mastery and a better choice when global range isn’t necessary. Her S2 is a good skill. But it was a strange skill to be considered an expert. Its niche is much smaller than the S1 and S3, and the expertise gained is pretty poor. It’s a safe crossing unless waifu. lead forward Enforcer welfare benefit How many times can I say a rhythm in one paragraph? This stoker is a surprisingly interesting stroker. He strikes in a way that other strokers can’t. Because he can smash enemies through his channel, for example if they are blocked from behind. moreover His stroke skills deal no damage. which is another special characteristic of stroke players Like most stroke riders He has a huge proficiency upgrade with increased stroke force at M3. Both of his stroke skills will be good targets, although S2 can get higher scores with better stroke force. Seriously, who though “Push Stroker” would be a good name for this archtype? Kazemaru gacha One of my personal favorite upcoming units. Her kit plays better with her prototype’s strength than Bena, with her S1 usable immediately upon respawn, and her S2 providing strong synergy with all doll mechanics. Both of her skills are good learning options. Overall, though, she’s still a luxury unit. I prefer the S2 here for a more impactful on-demand nuclear weapon. flame gacha Her gear is a little awkward, which might prevent her from becoming a CC unit after the game. However, she does enough damage to show off her prowess. and the IS#2 unit is considered much above average. Mainly because of her S2, which gives her a strong explosion that can send spam in normal conditions, her S3 has its place too, although overall DPS isn’t as impressive.

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