Can we win a PS5 from a 2,000 yen premium teapot in Japan?

Can we win a PS5 from a 2,000 yen premium teapot in Japan?

We’re trying to win big from the capsule machine again!

The other day, our Japanese journalist Yuichiro Wasai returned to the office excitedly. He’s been hanging out in Akihabara His gaze was fixed on a sign that promised a grand prize from the gacha capsule machine.

it’s just 2000 yen (US$17) per spin!GUARANTEED WINNING CONSOLE, VIDEO GAME OR FIGUREIt said

guarantee! When he glanced at the items he was able to win…

He was excited to see amazing prizes such as PlayStation5, Nintendo Switch, Ring Fit Adventure, various character figures. and many video games!

If this sounds familiar to you, it’s because Yuichiro was on this road before. When he found out last year’s 5,000 yen kata with a very similar prize, the 2,000 yen machine appeared to be a discounted model. Especially since it’s located outside the Akiba Liberty store like the previous one. However, this teapot is outside Akiba Liberty Store #8, while the 5,000 yen machine is outside Akiba Liberty Store #1. Perhaps his luck would have been better. a lot? may?

We hope so. After all the money Yuichiro had thrown into the 5000 yen gacha, at least each spin had arrived. The price tag is much cheaper. If he continues to try

But he won’t. He has no problem.

He immediately put 2,000 yen into the machine and panicked when the “keypad” took half a second to light up. and then it flashes blue.

collecting good feelings all of him He pushed it out.

DS game!!!

It was “Daredemo Canton! Watanabe Akira no Tsumeshoki” Shogi trouble game released in 2006.A glance at Amazon revealed that the current version of the game is selling for 2,500 yen, which is more than Yuichiro paid to get it.

Instant win!! At least he thought so until he looked at the print of the capsule machine’s poster in detail. “Honorable prizes are items directly in capsules, such as a single 3DS game, DS game, figure and anime collection.”

So his DS game was a consolation prize.

Yuichiro thought this was a harsh judgment. But he could understand why when the grand prize was so great. But this only raised Yuchiro’s expectations and only stirred his excitement. Even the consolation prize is this good. It’s a pity to stop at just one spin.However, Akira Watanabe, a professional shogi player who was named in the game that Yuichiro won. It used to say, “Right now, you only have one move to attack.” At least Yuichiro thought he might have said that.

Anyway, push! push!

Yuichiro inserted another 8,000 yen into the machine. And this is what was launched:

Good. This sign doesn’t really lie. When they say you’re guaranteed to win a game console, video game, or figure, he thinks these little keychains are numbers in their own right… right?

However, Yuichiro imagines they could be a treasure trove for those who are huge fans of these characters, really depending on who gets the capsule. Everything from this machine can be a big reward!

In that case, Yujiro thought he might just go back and try again!

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