The Exorcist in the Island Beginner’s Guide and Tips

The Exorcist in the Island Beginner's Guide and Tips

magician on island It’s exciting. RPG game Based on a popular Korean webtoon. magician on island. This game will give you an intense and horror experience to defeat the demon presence in Jeju Island. You will face hard work to form a team of 4 heroes who will accompany you on your journey. Exorcist in Island will bring you new experiences. It comes especially for webtoon readers. However, webtoon readers or new webtoon readers are also important. Players will understand the mechanics of the game in order to finish the story in no time and have your heroes upgrade to the highest level with their equipment. Here we will give you some tips on Exorcist in Island and some simple tips. that will give you an insight into the game

Understand the basics of the island shaman

The island shaman will entertain you during battles. Because the hero will move automatically. And all you have to do is activate the hero’s ultimate skill while the mana meter is full throughout battle. You can install various items. to your heroes which you can also upgrade


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have 14 heroes Varies by type and preference Yes 5 types of proximity (Fire, Water, Wind, Light and Shadow) and 4 types (Dealer, Tank, Balance, and Support).One of the unique features of Island Exorcist is that all heroes can be upgraded to SSR heroes, so you don’t have to rely on them. until To get better heroes as you can raise them on your own.


There are 6 item packs that you can put on your hero. These are special items, weapons, bodies, butts, accessories, and orbs, just like a hero. Those items can reach SSR level when you upgrade.

PvE content

The story is an important part of the game. Because you need to have some episodes during the game to access other content. A total of 8 episodes, each with three different difficulty levels (Normal, Hard, Hell).You can farm items and collect gold to speed up your upgrade process in Dark Seal, Demon Hunt, Explorer and Hell Gate modes. (Hell’s Gate will update soon)

PVP content

PvP content
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You can challenge other players in the arena to make sure you are the best demon assassin in Jeju Island or climb to the top floor in a skyscraper when you have to defeat enemies and get to the higher floors. The floor will be reset at the end of the week. So you have to make sure you climb as high as you can to get more rewards.

The Magician in the Island Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Tips for progress in the story

will have 8 episodes that you have to finish But each episode has 1-5 parts, and each part has three steps. And the last stage will be your encounter with the boss.

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certify that there is four different elements for each hero in your team At least you have one hero that has an advantage over your enemies. It’s important that you bring a complete roster with balanced damage dealers, boosters, tanks, and heroes.

During the game there will be a lot of dialogue as the game is based on a webtoon. Therefore, it is important for you not to skip the conversation. So you can understand the continuation of the story.

2. Understand game mechanics

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You don’t need to press a lot of buttons during battle. because the button will move automatically Your main task is to pay attention to the mana gauge. As each ultimate has its own mana value, so make sure you wait enough time to unleash your ultimate. So that you can unleash another ultimate in no time.

3. Prioritize upgrading your heroes instead of relying on gacha.

One of the unique features of Exorcist in Island is that you can upgrade your regular heroes to SSR heroes, so you don’t have to rely on gacha and prioritize upgrading your main roster heroes. so that they can turn into SSR heroes faster.

4. Keep an eye on the relationship.

throughout the battle It is important for you to have a team of heroes with different compositions. Because you will encounter different monsters with different elements. This is the relationship that applies to the game:

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  • Water resists fire, but is weak against wind.
  • Fire resists wind but weak against water.
  • Strong wind resists water, but weak against fire.
  • Strong and light contradict each other.

5. Complete all your missions to get better rewards.

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have Total 6 jobs that you can do to find rewards These are daily tasks. Weekly tasks, battle tasks, currency tasks, equip tasks, and hero tasks, each providing you with different missions to earn rewards for upgrading your heroes or items.

final thoughts

Exorcist in Island is an exciting RPG that comes with unique features that you’ll never find in an RPG, as you can raise your normal rate heroes and evolve them into SSR heroes. You to upgrade the level to the highest level. The Gacha Ticket should be used immediately in the shop or black market shop to get a better hero or item.

That’s all for today’s Exorcist in Island Beginners guide. Have you met our exorcist on the island? Beginner’s Guide Useful? let us know in comment!

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