10 awesome Nintendo franchises that can’t be played in Smash Bros.

10 awesome Nintendo franchises that can't be played in Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate One of Nintendo’s greatest achievements of all time, the fighting franchise brings together characters from all over Nintendo to form unique and fun fighters. overall game play This opens up a lot of possibilities for crossovers that were never thought possible.

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But this annoyed some fans as the series slipped away from being a Nintendo crossover, there are still unplayable Nintendo franchises. Smash letters, although they are presented in a smaller form. But it deserves more. These classics deserve more than their stage performances, spirits, and trophies. And it’s still great to this day.

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golden sun

golden sun It is a series of JRPGs on Gameboy Advance and DS. It was developed by Camelot, a company famous for its development. Mario Sports title This series has a similar vibe. ground wireexcept for the fantasy scene It’s a series about psychics that doesn’t have many games, but has a passionate fan base.

The protagonist of the first game, Isaac, appears as a supporting character in superb and quarrelBut fans thought his unique psychic powers would make the move interesting. These allow for traditional JRPG magic attacks in combat. but also allow environmental management. Fans love it. Which continues in the sequel to the new protagonist.


Promotional banner for Chibi-Robo.

Chibi-Robo! Currently representing Smash By costume for the Mii character, but it could be more. The original GameCube game is an adventure game that sees a tiny robot who has to do family chores. as the game progresses The family started arguing. And there will be a story about making the father pull his weight.

Even in the dark, the game is still colorful. Toys come to life at night, similar to beloved classic toys. toy story. There are many different types of gameplay. Switch from cleaning sims to hat-tricked action games. Unfortunately, the series will return after the failure of 3DS games. Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash.



the Excite The series is one of Nintendo’s longest running IPs, while being the most famous for its original mopeds. The series was previously separated into trucks and robots. This franchise could be a racer. But it takes more inspiration from extreme sports. This series inspired Waverace and 1080 The series also had a minor role in Smash.

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But NES motocross classic Excitebike Still the most popular and has been his own song on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. In fact, drivers are considered to play in Smash Melee. Value series only Smash Representing an assistant in quarrelAnd there hasn’t been since.

advance war

Screenshots of Advance Wars Re-Boot

the war The series is often the opposite of Fire EmblemThe series prides itself on medieval-style combat. All units are named characters who can suffer from dire plots and deadly plotlines. warConversely, in the most successful iterations advance warIt is a colorful modern warfare simulator with disposable troops and cartoon style. It’s quite the opposite.

The series is slated to return this year. The first two games will have a remake on Nintendo Switch, even after a long hiatus. but there are many spirits in Smash Ultimate. It also received a trophy in the previous game, and fans would be excited to see Andy or Sami as playable characters in the Smash coupled with new Re-Boot Camp game though

pokemon spin off

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Header

It might be strange to say that pokemon There are few roles as the series has the most characters in it. Smash Bros.. But all the characters are Pokémon from the main series. Even Pokemon Trainers are disguised as three Pokemon, but pokemon A series that is more than a fight pokemon The franchise has many spinoffs at Smash never touch

the Mysterious dungeons The series is perhaps the most ripe for representation. The series has no human characters but is packed with an action-packed plot and real-time action. But there are also many more human characters that may emerge from the spin-off. Pokemon Snap or pokemon go Both would make a lot of sense as the latest achievement.


Wario Land Wario and Wario Ware Wario meet in Smash.

It’s okay. Miss you a lot. While Wario is a regular on Smash For a long time he was Mario character. Despite having two franchises in his name. But none of them are playable representations. Wario’s moves are hardly a reference to these games. with a pat on his shoulder from Varioland And his bike and Final Smash came from Warioware.

Although the frequently requested Waluigi, he would be Mario The character as he doesn’t appear in Wario’s games and those are great. Varioland It’s a series of quirky platformers that focus on finding treasure and turning Wario into an odd formation. Warioware It’s a series of fast-paced mini-games featuring bizarre characters that host alongside Wario himself.

Heavenly beat

Heavenly beat is a surviving Nintendo franchise based on a dedicated fan base. Warioware with many situations But every game is based on the rhythm. This includes activities that are not considered musical, such as plucking radishes.

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The series has been praised for its captivating art style and beautiful songs. which some songs are already in Smash. Casting for any series Smash It has been controversial for a while. A long time ago there were rumors of a chorus of ideas. But at the moment the only rumor that fandom is interested in is whether or not the franchise will come to Switch.



This franchise doesn’t get more than a drop from the title. Smash Bros. this is an insult StarTropics, a series of two NES action-adventure games, this series sees young protagonist Mike Jones embarking on a journey through the islands. The series has a strange charm, with Mike picking up mundane objects to fight Zoro out of this world.

The series is like a cross between ground wire and Zelda before they both stepped in Unfortunately, Nintendo is never mentioned today. While it can be played on Nintendo Switch Online, it can’t be completed without a hint found only in the manual.

Dragalia Lost

Dragalia lost a hero.

Dragalia Lost just announced the end of production It was a bittersweet moment for fans, but several members of the public said, “What is Dragalia Lost?” It’s a mobile RPG collaboration between Nintendo and Cygames, and just like any other Cygames event, it’s Gacha, this game. It’s a free to start game. But items and progression are obtained randomly. Sometimes the price is the same as in the real world.

The music genre is controversial. but since then Dragalia Lost Released in 2019 with little success. have crossed over with many different franchises Smash seems inevitable But it never happened. superblifetime It’s a game worth checking out before the servers shut down. with an engaging and addicting narrative style


Nester's Funky Bowling is the Nintendo Icon Nester's video game release.

This is not a video game franchise. But it’s an iconic piece of Nintendo history, just like ROB, so there’s no reason Nester couldn’t get in. Nester is the mascot of Nintendo. Nintendo PowerOfficial Nintendo Magazine He was an important icon that was never mentioned in SmashAlthough his Japanese equivalent Diskun is in the game.

Nester was originally an innocent child who needed help from Nintendo Power Staff. But in the end, the character surpassed his supporting actors and would star in the comics entirely on his own. He even got his own video game. Nester’s Funky Bowling. This game is a Virtual Boy game, so it kills Nester in an instant. The characters are iconic though. And it deserves to be officially recognized by modern Nintendo whether in Smash or something else

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