Akindo – Merchant’s Road Review

Akindo - Merchant's Road Review

Life as a traveling merchant might not be easy. Especially when you’re in for the ruin and destruction that evil demons have left behind. In Akindo – Merchant’s Road, you play as an optimistic merchant who wants to restore trade in the land. But what do merchants do when there are monsters lurking around every corner? Obviously, you’ve been given a hired gun and started to reshape the economy for the benefit of the population.

Of course, your intentions weren’t quite so high. While you are doing what you are doing to make big money. This is where the unique RPG city building comes in. But is that element worth your time and effort?

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AKIDO – Street Story and Merchant Graphics

After mankind topples the evil Demon King, Akindo’s world is in chaos after the battle. Pyrrhic victory comes at a price – the world now faces the enormous task of gathering the pieces of society. broken with the world economy on the verge of collapse

Fortunately, your little merchant has succeeded. Your main goal is to build a structure. Open point of sale and trade, revitalize business, and make people prosper again. But you can’t do it all without the help of strength and muscles.

As you hire heroes to fight for you from the Gacha Clan, you’ll ultimately create a formidable party from your list of participants to join your mission. All in a cute pixel art form. Each new hero is unique in appearance and skill. The pixel art is complemented by a cute soundtrack, and the monsters are cute too. which adds to the overall charm of this vertical game.

AKIDO – Street Merchant Game

Each new island you discover has a hexagon grid that you can explore or build on. Exploring the grid means entering the battle. You can swipe to move your character to enemies on the side-scrolling screen. Summoned heroes fight automatically to protect your merchants. But in case they all fall into battle, you’ll also have a handy Coin Gun to help you fend off your enemies until you run out of ammo.

Different locations have different enemies too. although in fact The monster’s type – although cute – didn’t feel too versatile to me. There are still airborne and grounded enemies. This means that you’ll need to strategize the right party combos to maximize your combat abilities. and take advantage of different classes of your hero. For example, ranged fighters can attack enemies of equal distance. While melee characters can easily defeat enemies in melee combat. You can level up your party members using the coins you earn after each battle. As well as creating weapons and armor for them using the materials you plant from enemies.

After successfully eliminating enemies You can start building buildings to increase the population. You can build anything from simple roads to expensive mines. And each structure you build will reward you periodically with the materials you can build. to create additional structures or increase your character’s equipment.

What is an appeal?

When playing the game, I found the concept very unique – there was a perfect blend of RPG and city building elements to keep me entertained. The more I felt that the requirements were a little limited. Because it’s a little difficult to develop. Unless you collect materials during battle.

It’s a bit overwhelming in this respect, and when you add that the enemies aren’t too diverse. (Most of the time you will win easily. By being at a higher level than your opponent) it can feel repetitive. You can use charged special skills in combat to enhance all auto combat, such as Priest’s AOE healing or Necromancer’s all enemy damage, but it’s still very difficult when you consider the materials. you want create or invent something

You can watch ads to speed up battles or earn more rewards. But that doesn’t help with many of the prerequisites during construction. I also didn’t like the fact that the necessary materials were not labeled. And you can’t really tell. that should be planted where You just have to decipher which icons look like prerequisites. And hope you get the best material after battling random enemies.

The lack of quality of life features is my hardest thing here – unfortunately games that require you to craft and combine materials can’t give you the right information to build and combine.

Still, Akindo – Merchant’s Road is a unique title that aims to do something new compared to what is on the market today. It’s worth checking out to see how its mix-and-match composition works. After all, it’s a free game. And I don’t feel that the ads are particularly bothering you.

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