Disney Mirrorverse is an impressive RPG now available for pre-registration.

Disney Mirrorverse hero pre-reg

Just in case Kingdom Hearts isn’t enough for you.

Pre-register Disney Mirrorverse Heroes

Kabam, the developer behind Marvel Contest of Champions and Transformers: Forged to Fight, has a new pre-registration game on the Play Store, and it’s the Disney-themed Mirrorverse you imagined. These different Disney universes allow Disney and Pixar characters to deviate from the original legend. It’s precisely how you create collectible gacha games. In which all characters can fight against an evil force known as Fractured. The game is also known as the Disney Mirrorverse and will be released on mobile in June. which is open for pre-registration from today

The short teaser trailer above gives a brief overview of the Disney Mirrorverse in action. And considering that the game has a ton of Pixar characters, the awesome graphics are happy to show off Pixar’s familiar 3D design at its best. What the trailer doesn’t show you is that this is a team RPG (up to 3 characters). drama), so even with great graphics But Kabam doesn’t seem to stray from the typical mobile RPGs we’ve played. All seen more than a thousand times.

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As you’d expect, Kabam has set its sights on delivering live game service. So monthly events are new chapters that should be released in consistent clips for players to keep playing. Story Quests will reveal the story behind the game’s Mirrorverse characters, and Event Quests will be scheduled events. It’s how developers push FOMO on the player base to ensure viewers continue to spend.

Neither Kabam nor Disney mentioned any monetization plans. But it might be a safe bet to expect a free-to-play release packed with in-app purchases, otherwise gacha mechanics and live service updates are almost unnecessary. After all Unlike F2P games that require cannon fodder for the whales to win

That’s right, if you’re on the hunt for the most emo teen Disney RPG, Kaban has prepared pre-registration for the Disney Mirrorverse for you. The graphics look surprisingly great. But the screenshot above makes it clear that there is an old team-based mobile RPG that relies on gacha capture and collecting mechanics included. An avid Disney and would like to be notified about the release of this game. You will need to pre-register for the Disney Mirrorverse via the Play Store widget below, and you may unlock a small reward for doing so.


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