Tower of Fantasy characters: who are they?

Tower of Fantasy characters: who are they?

tower of imagination It’s the wildly popular gacha game from Hotta Studios coming to the West in 2022, but who are the characters in the game?

There are many characters that are well made due to the popularity of the Korean version of the game.

Although only a few characters from the original version are displayed on the international version’s website.

Here’s everything you need to know about the characters that are part of Tower of Fantasy ahead of the game’s western release in 2022.

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tower of fantasy characters

Here is a list of the characters and their synopsis for each of the characters in the International version of the Tower of Fantasy website As of Tuesday March 22, 2022:

Meryl/Rosie Edge

  • Ice/Claymore
  • A senior Hykros operator who excels in the most dangerous missions with outstanding sword fighting and combat skills. Keep her distance from everyone and hide her feelings to herself. But that doesn’t mean she’s emotional.

Samir/Dual EM Stars

  • Lightning Pistol/Dual Pistol
  • An easygoing person, but a top sniper. even among elite executioners Always joking and teasing others for fun.

Shirou/Chakra of the Sea

  • Grievous/Chakras
  • Talking about the sea is the only way to have a conversation with laser-focused scientists. She shifts critical gear on the desalination equipment into a durable and flexible defensive weapon.

Zero/Negating Cube

  • fire cube/charm
  • A computer genius who appears to be 15 years old, he intentionally destroys all records of his real name and other relevant information, witty, competitive and arrogant, ignoring what he sees as meaningless to him.


  • Suffering from a mutation before being converted by the heir of Aida into an angel of clemency. Typically quiet and introverted, he turned into a merciless killing machine under the mind control of Sage, the heir to Aida.


  • cheerful girl Sociable, cheerful, who aspires to be someone who can solve problems for others, such as her eldest brother Sec. Rescue a player character knocked out by Shelter with Zeke.


  • the angel of mercy and the right hand of the wise, whom she unconditionally obeyed. Sober and straightforward Has her unique perspective and philosophy on life.


  • Astra Shelter’s leader who believes he has a duty to protect those around him. Usually shows no emotion, but protects little sister Shirli. His only surviving relative Usually cool and introverted. But it’s easy to get emotional when Shirli is involved.

It is likely that more characters will be introduced in the western version of the game after the official release.

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