Princess Connect! Re: Dive’s Eastern Festival continues with Ninon (Oedo)!

Princess Connect!  Re: Dive's Eastern Festival continues with Ninon (Oedo)!

Bonjour Knight! As we near the end of our Shogun Chronicles: The Whitewing Samurai special event, we have some news to share. featuring another Oedo-themed character, the return of another event. and other monthly activities to share Jump right in!

If you’ve read Shogun Chronicles: The Whitewing Samurai, you’ll know that it wasn’t just Kuka who wore new oriental outfits during her time in Oedo: Ninon too, and we’re branding her. New characters in Ninon (Oedo) to reflect this! While Ninon has added an oriental flair. There’s also something charming about her Oedo variant that is undeniable. But it’s not just her appearance – get ready to see Ninon’s ninja appearance go into overdrive. With different ninja art sets that contain vastly different toolsets. Focusing on damage to single targets and skills. to deal additional damage if Strikes result in critical strikes. After all – Ninja is known for accuracy, Ninon is also known for accuracy!

Like other Focus Gachas, Ninon (Oedo) will enjoy an increased draw rate when pulling a Focus Gacha, meaning it’s your best chance to get this new character. Character points can also be redeemed. If her ninja skills elude your understanding for too long And you can’t date her. And like Kuka (Oedo) before her, she will remain in normal Premium Gacha rotation after her Focus Gacha ends.

Ninon (Oedo) Focus Gacha is valid for 10 days from 4/22, 23:00 UTC to 5/2, 22:59 UTC. Mark your Shogun’s calendar!

“But hey!” we hear you cry, “Kuka (Oedo) ends 4/18 – and Ninon (Oedo) starts 4/22! How can we survive without Focus Gacha to bridge this gap?”

Hey young knight, of course we have something in between! It’s an exclusive Little Lyrical mini-Focus Gacha! in a short time You’ll be able to enjoy increased reward rates for Misogi, Mimi, and Kyoka. The three characters will also be able to redeem Character Points. If you miss any of these characters, chances like this for an increased rate for existing characters are few – make the most of them!

The Little Lyrical Focus Gacha runs for four days from 4/18, 11:00 PM UTC to 4/22, 22:59 UTC. All three characters will also be able to redeem character points, but why is Little Lyrical getting it? Own Focus Gacha? good…

The reason is quite simple. Next in our story resurrection series is the return of Little Lyrical Adventures! During the study group’s time as a battle between friends, the trio of Misogi, Mimi and Kyoka make up for it by going on an adventure… and may bite more than you can chew They must work together to get out of this unsafe situation!

If you can’t catch the events the first time or just want to experience the story again. This is a great opportunity for you to do so. If that’s not enough, you’ll get a new set of missions that will help you earn even more rewards. Even if you have cleared the event before. A very difficult version of the boss will be used to increase the challenge for all knights. Gacha’s lineup of Victory Coins has also been revamped in our revival event. See the updated key rewards:

  • Lineup 1: 2 Misogi’s Memory Fragments x 10
  • Lineup 2: 2 sets of Mimi’s Memory Shard x 10
  • Lineup 3: 2 Misogi’s Memory Fragments x 10
  • Lineup 4: 2 sets of Mimi’s Memory Shard x 10

A lyrical adventure! The Revival Story event will be available from 4/18, 11:00 PM UTC to 4/25, 22:59 UTC.

We know you look forward to putting your new unit to good use. It’s time for the limited-time challenge to return. The Tower of Luna opens the door once more for the challenger to climb! The packed dungeons are back. And have prepared 20 new outfits with unique monsters, shadows, and new bosses to defeat. With many rewards for your troubles, don’t worry, your progress from the last Tower of Luna event will be carried forward. And you can move up from where you left off. Remember, your character group can be moved between floors (with no one touching 0 HP), and you can reset your character to full HP for a day. once Can you climb to the 250th floor and complete the EX mission?

Tower of Luna will open its doors again for six days, from 17/17, 13:00 UTC to 4/22, 15:59 UTC if you haven’t already. You must complete the main story quest 9-1 before you can access the tower. We wish you the best of luck, adventurer!

Twin Pigs are back again. Gather your allies Start drafting your team. and practice those timelines Because the April Clan Battle is coming soon! Work with your clan members to defeat monsters that are too powerful for an adventurer to deal with alone. April Clan Battles consist of five boss gloves. And you’ll be able to perform up to three brawls per day with any boss currently in your clan. Hit attempts are granted for every 300 stamina consumed after the event ends. You can get Memory Fragments, Clan Coins, and precious gems. It depends on how well your group is doing! The reward structure remains the same. But you will get Chika Memory Shards this time.

April Army Battle Live for five days, from 26/26, 13:00 UTC to 5/1, 07:59 UTC. Make sure to get in three hits a day!

for April We’re also releasing new content. Raid the treacherous Redius Rockies (West Coast) with new enemies. new challenge and new rewards for your troubles. Here you will find new equipment that can increase your character up to 5 characters at rank 13 as well as new Hard Quest nodes for Aoi, Eriko and Ruka. Clearing Area 24 will unlock. Locked until the end of chapter 12 of the main story.

We will also increase the level limit from 130 to 133 with the addition of Kuka (Oedo) and Ninon (Oedo). You will need to start collecting EXP potion and Mana now! For further customizations, new BGMs will be added to the Memorial Jukebox.

The April content drop will land on 9/19 at 1:00 PM UTC.

To aid in gathering resources and upgrading to the Guildhouse, the following furniture max levels have been increased from 13 to 14:

  • Karin’s table
  • snack table
  • drug making equipment
  • Mana Generating Equipment

The new maximum level for this furniture will go into effect on 26/26, 13:00 UTC.

For more customizations We’ve also increased the storage capacity of Guildhouse furniture from 600 to 900. We know you’re looking forward to getting your hands on more furniture to create more of these. creativity room design We look forward to seeing more of your creations!

to help end April We’ve also released a new set of limited-time brown furniture. Get in touch with nature with forest-inspired furniture. As you decorate your guildhouse in the perfect comfortable cabin! Whether you plan to use it with our previous furniture set to create a masterpiece or simply want to use it alone to create a forest wonderland. This set is ready to satisfy your interior architect.

This limited-time furniture set will be available from 26/26, 11 PM UTC, so get ready to start building a little forest. in your own guild house It’s only available until Jul 29 10:59 PM UTC, so be sure to check your calendar before this furniture set disappears. The complete list of Woodland furniture sets are as follows:

  • wooden bed
  • forest fence
  • Woodlands Partition
  • Satun Woodlands
  • woodland ottoman
  • wooden chair
  • Woodlands Armchair
  • Woodland Benjarong Sofa
  • Woodland shelf
  • forest side table
  • Woodlands Coffee Table
  • forest dining table
  • forest wall
  • wooden floor
  • homemade green carpet
  • Homemade patterned rugs

when a lot of things happen We shouldn’t be talking about our double drop campaign. First, during the Hard Quest Double Drop campaign, you’ll earn twice as many Memory Fragments, Equipment, Mana, and other items for completing difficult quests during the campaign period.

The Hard Quest Double Drop campaign runs for six days, from 4/19, 13:00 UTC to 4/24, 12:59 UTC.

We can’t forget about dungeons, right? There’s nothing sweeter than doubling mana when clearing a dungeon. This is what you get during the Dungeon Double Drop campaign, where clearing a dungeon doubles your mana.

The Dungeon Double Drop campaign runs for 10 days from 4/24, 13:00 UTC to 5/3, 12:59 UTC.

to make it easy to read and easy to access. Below is a summary version of all the updates announced today. Thanks for all your support. And we hope you continue to enjoy Princess Connect! Re: Diving!

See you at Astraea Knight!

— Crunchyroll game

*Note: All event details are subject to change. Please check the in-game notification at the start of the event for full details.

    • Increased rates for Ninon (Oedo) within Focus Gacha.
    • Ninon (Oedo) will also be able to redeem Character Exchange Points.

    • Increased rates for Misogi, Mimi and Kyouka within Focus Gacha.
    • Mizoki, Mimi, and Kyoka will be able to redeem Character Exchange Points.

  • Story Activity: A Lyrical Adventure! Regeneration (4/18 23:00 UTC to 4/25 22:59 UTC)

    • Run Little Lyrical Adventures again! Story events with customized rewards and challenges

  • Tower of Luna (4/17 13:00 UTC to 4/22 15:59 UTC)

    • Unlocked after completing the main story mission 9-1.
    • Complete each floor to earn rewards.
    • Reset your team to health every day.
    • This month’s progress will be passed on to future Tower of Luna events.
    • Floor 231-250 and EX Floor 250 Unlocked.

  • April Content Update (4/19 13:00 UTC)

    • 24 Main Quest Area Unlocked
    • Max level increased from 130 to 133.
    • Character gear hat increased from 13-4 to 13-5.
    • Chapter 12 of the main storyline is fully unlocked.

  • Guild House Update (4/26 13:00 UTC)

    • Guildhouse furniture max level from 13 to 14 as follows:

      • Karin’s table
      • snack table
      • drug making equipment
      • Mana Generating Equipment

    • Guildhouse max storage increased from 600 to 900.
    • Added new limited-time furniture in the Guild House Shop (4/26 23:00 UTC to 5/29 22:59 UTC).

  • Hard Quest Double Drop Campaign (4/19 13:00 UTC to 4/24 12:59 UTC)
  • Dungeon Double Drop Campaign (4/24 13:00 UTC to 5/3 12:59 UTC)

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