Why Lost Ark is the Future of “Pay to Win” Games

Why Lost Ark is the Future of "Pay to Win" Games

On March 14th, Twitch streamer Asmongold called out. Lost Arkof the developers above that tactic He claims that the game equipment upgrade system. This is more or less an option before the raid becomes a game of luck. In the eyes of Asmongold, many players will be tempted to spend real-world cash on upgrade materials just so they can participate in the ‘game of luck’. attack not only that But he believes that potential teammates will pass on players with non-upgraded gear as a replacement for equipment of the highest strength. And soon players will be actively supported. (If not strictly necessary), spend money to keep up.

Asmongold reiterated his concerns during a recent stream where he predicted a cool pay-to-win future for the game:

“I think paying to win games is the future. I think so and I think other games will pay to win. This is just what will happen. I think this is what will happen. There will be games as always elden ring? Yes, but it’s the same as entropy, right? It will be less and less.”

Asmongold also predicts that the overall concept of pay-per-win will do 180. He claims that people will be “insulted” and “deemed socially inferior” if they do not participate in the pay-to-win system. Thanks. in part because Unfortunately, his fictional future may be closer to reality than he thought. In 2019, Polygon published an article about a middle school student being bullied by a fellow student for using the default. plant Fortnite skins and didn’t buy a special set. [money] Buy the movie because no one plays with him.” Sadly, this is hardly the only example of microtransaction bullying. Later that year, the Children’s Commissioner for England published a study showing that other young people Fortnite Players are bullied for not spending money on special in-game skins.

Genshin Impact It’s another interesting example of a game that has succeeded in finding new ways. in pushing for microtransactions that might pay to win The game has a huge list of playable characters hidden behind what is known as a “gacha” system. The only way to unlock those heroes is to slowly use the gems players earn in-game. or can buy with real cash to get more rare and powerful characters Players have to bury a lot of gems in the gacha system and hope that Lady Luck will smile at them. worse than that Players can upgrade their characters by obtaining duplicates from Genshin Impactdigital slot machines That means in order to fully upgrade the rarest characters. You will need to add gems/money to it. Genshin Impact. Basically, there is no escape.

favorite games Lost Ark, Fortniteand Genshin Impact There are different monetization strategies. But it’s hard not to see the similarities. Lost Ark There is a luck-based upgrade system hidden behind the monetization paywall as well. Genshin Impactand gamers who do not use Lost ArkYour cash shop can be locked out of certain experiences or excluded (unlike Fortnite Players with default skins) is a game that hides its pay-to-win mechanics so well that you may not even know how much incentive you have to spend with them. Until it feels closer to the commitment than the choice, in other words, it’s harder to find a pay-to-win game. Because the pay-to-win mechanism is much more delicate.

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