5 Android Apps You Shouldn’t Miss This Week

AAW The Ancentral Legacy screenshot

Welcome to Android Apps Weekly, Edition 428. Here are the big headlines from last week:

  • Google is suing a man who uses Google services for doing bad things. A man set up a first page dog adoption website. receive money from customers and never sent a puppy The man also uses Gmail, Google Voice and other services. To do this shady business, Google responded by suing this guy. And we are very happy with that.
  • Security researchers find SDK that sends massive amounts of data to US defense contractors. Report those apps to Google and Google removes them. Apps with SDK are believed to have been downloaded over 60 million times from various app types. Click the link to learn more, but rest assured, the apps are gone.
  • Unlimited Google Photos is back, but it’s not free. Google announced a new Google One plan for $15 per month that includes 2TB of Google Drive data, along with unlimited photo and video backups. This seems to be the end of the game for Google Photos. Google says the service is quite expensive and that it allows Google to properly fund it. This seems like a good deal. Especially with all that extra cloud storage.
  • Plex has released a really cool update. Allows you to sign in to various video streaming services. So you can watch videos from these services without having to switch apps. Now available to all users except Roku, Roku users will have to wait a bit longer. We asked our readers if they liked Plex, and most did. So we’re glad to see some good updates. like this to many people
  • Samsung has revealed another piece in the massive throttling collapse that has occurred this year. Samsung says it will control the phone’s speed to prevent overheating. The new Spadragon 8 Gen 1 chip is apparently causing overheating issues when the throttle is fully released. Click the link to read more.


price: free

Bonju 2022 screenshot

Bonju is a social network for frequent travelers. You have friends everywhere and Bonju keeps track of where they are. It notifies the user when you are in the same city as a friend. So you can attack them. That’s the main function of the app. It’s quite specific. But it works better than mainstream social media apps, of course, whether you like it or not. Depending on whether you can get your friends to use it or not, it has potential.

ancestor’s legacy

price: Free / $3.99

The Ancestral Legacy is the latest game from Buff Studios. The story is called a mystery thriller and visual novel. Players work on the story and make decisions on key points. Your decisions affect the outcome of the game. Other features include achievements, various endings. and various branches of stories It played well in our testing. And it should make fans of this genre dislike.

Wisdom 2022 Screenshot

Wisdom is a kind of self-help app. It allows you to share and accept advice on a variety of life challenges. This includes things like making money, improving physical or mental health, and so on. It’s a community-focused app. So you can help or get help. It depends on what you want to do. This is one of those apps that may or may not help depending on who you are and how you are. It has a lot of potential and early adopters seem to like it.

Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon

price: free to play

Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon is a mobile RPG with gacha elements. Players will get a team of heroes to fight against villains. You upgrade your heroes as you play and continue the game. It has a simple fight. There are more than 100 heroes to collect and many activities to do. Some people might not like the simplicity of some parts and we get that. However, this is a nice pass of time and a bit more depth than a non-riveting RPG. It looks like the developers are fixing some bugs that caused the animation to be choppy, but others played fine on our test device.


price: Free Trial / $7-$15 per month

FileShadow 2022 screenshot

FileShadow is an interesting file management app. It works like Resilio Sync or NextCloud, except it’s aimed at performance rather than self-hosted cloud storage. basically You install apps on your phone and computer. From there, you can manage files on both devices from any device. It can also collect your e-mail attachments and other stuff, although the functionality comes at an additional cost. From there, you can move files, manage, organize, or do whatever you want. You can also sort or filter by file type for additional functionality. This seems pretty good, although it does require a subscription.

If we missed out on any big Android app or game news, tell us about it in the comments.
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