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with gacha games like Cookie Run: KingdomWhat matters is the number of characters and your cookie team. In addition to having them operate in your realm Cookies also serve as your first and last line of defense.

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They will have to fight in different areas including World Exploration, Tropical Soda Islands, Tower Of Sweet Chaos, Bounties, Guild Battles, and Arena, as cookie leveling becomes more and more expensive. As the challenge increases You will have to choose five cookies that you will put in the main party. There are more. 68 cookies with a very clear energy gap between levels. Here’s what to look out for.


All available cookies are rated for one of the following rarities. (In order from most to least rare): Normal, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Ancient. The more rare The better their stats, the better.

attacker cookie level list

A good party balance is essential for continued success, though. But there are many things that need to be mentioned. high attack power. Many cookies have stats and abilities that are tuned to inflict the most damage and wipe out enemies.

However, this means that these cookies require a lot of support and protection. in order to be able to fully optimize Although every cookie has a basic attack power. But the cookie class that makes the best attacker is Assault, ambush, ranged attacks, magic and bombers.. Here are the rank and rarities of each attacker’s cookie choice.

charge cookies rare rank
Dark Cocoa Cookies ancient S
Mala Sauce Cookies epic S
Kumiho Cookies epic S
Knight Tea Cookies epic uncle
Dark Choco Cookies epic uncle
Princess Cookies rare uncle
Werewolf Cookies epic uncle
Red Velvet Cookies epic B
Raspberry Cookies epic B
purple sweet potato cookies epic c
Muscle Cookies general c
GingerBrave general c
Ambush Cookies rare rank
Black Raisin Cookies epic S
Pancake Cookies rare S
Sherbet Cookies epic uncle
vampire cookies epic B
Adventurer’s Cookies rare B
bell pepper cookies epic c
Ninja Cookies general c

Ranger Cookies rare rank
Chewy Cookies epic S
Caramel Arrow Cookies epic S
Rye Cookies epic uncle
Tiger Lily Cookies epic uncle
Pastry cookies epic B
Beet Cookies general c

magic cookies rare rank
Pumpkin Pie Cookies epic S
Ice Queen Cookies legend S
Licorice Cookies epic S
Snow Sugar Cookies epic S
Latte Cookies epic uncle
Espresso Cookies epic uncle
Mango Juice Cookies epic uncle
devil’s cookie rare B
Blackberry Cookies rare B
Squid Ink Cookies epic c
Wizard Cookies general c
Bomber Cookies rare rank
Drowned Cookies epic S
sea ​​angel cookies legend S
Poisonous Mushroom Cookies epic uncle
Alchemist Cookies rare uncle
cherry cookies rare B
Gumball Cookies rare c

Guardian Cookie Ranking

Anti-twilight cookie group

While the attack cookie is responsible for clearing the path. Defense cookies are required to keep the team strong and stable. Their abilities can be a mixture of Deals damage, buffs cookies, and debuffs enemies.. As a result, their attack potential is reduced to support higher health and defense counts.

However, this proved to be very useful in getting the enemy’s attention. so other cookies can therefore focus on the attack The best cookie class for protection is Prevention, support and healers. Here is the level rating for each cookie protection option.

protection cookies rare rank
hot cocoa cookies epic S
Holly Berry Cookies ancient S
Moon Rabbit Cookies epic S
Madeleine Cookies epic S
Strawberry Crepe Cookies epic uncle
Avocado Cookies rare uncle
milk cookies epic B
Knight Cookies rare c
Strawberry Cookies general c

Support cookies rare rank
cotton cookies epic S
Cream Puff Cookies epic S
perfect cookies epic S
Mint Choco Cookies epic S
Pomegranate Cookies epic uncle
Eclair Cookies epic uncle
clover cookies rare uncle
Carrot Cookies rare B
Fig Cookies epic B
purple cookies epic c
Onion Cookies rare c

treat cookies rare rank
Pure Vanilla Cookies ancient S
Sparkling Cookies epic S
Custard Cookies III rare uncle
Herb Cookies epic B
Angel Cookies general c

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