Genshin Impact players need less pity in the standard banner.

Genshin Impact character Mona

With an ever-growing list of playable characters, Genshin Impact players have requested improvements to the game’s standard banner.

Genshin Impact It’s a gacha-style Action RPG that focuses on the characters that can be obtained by using Primogems on the in-game banner. There are two types of banners in this game: Limited and Standard.

each new Genshin Impact Updates usually bring two rounds of banners with a five-star character limit of one or two that last approximately three weeks. However, the standard banner is a permanent part of the game. And there are five characters: Diluc, Jean, Qiqi, Keqing and Mona.

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Genshin ImpactStandard banners include a limited set of characters that can be dropped on banners as well. This means that there is no specific reason for players to use the primogeniture in this banner. Like a limited banner The standard banner has a guarantee of 90 five star character drop wishes, however there is also a 50% change that this five star drop has one character from the standard banner. All these mechanisms made the Limited banner more valuable, which started an interesting conversation about the official. Genshin Impact subreddit

A thread created by Reddit user PantherYT on the subject garnered a lot of attention on Genshin Impact Community. Their post offers an interesting idea to reduce the 90 prayer guarantee to at least 40 or 50 words, and increase the number of Acquaint Fates that are sometimes given out for free. Another problem with this banner is that it takes a lot of desire to get constellations for the desired character. This is because five different characters have the same drop chance.

The changes introduced by PantherYT will definitely increase the popularity of this banner. There are a few rumors claiming that the standard banner could soon offer a new way to buy five-star characters, with multiple characters coming with each new discipline. Genshin Impact UPDATE There is a possibility that a change in the way banners will work may occur.

Developer Hoyoverse continues to change the game’s limited banners, with the dual banner mechanic becoming the standard with almost every new update. Although most of the dual banners included two reruns, the current Genshin Impact Version 2.6 brought a banner matching new character Kamisato Ayato with a rerun for Anemo that supports Venti. The official livestream event confirmed that the second part of the update will feature Ayaka as a limited character. Only one, however, according to the latest leaks. There is a chance that a player might get a third. Genshin Impact Banner after her banner is over.

Genshin Impact Available now on Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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